Monday, February 19, 2007

Glorious Mornings!

It is so fun to use this mug in the mornings. It often puts me in a good mood. I look forward to the springtime whenever I see this mug. Just yesterday I got out in the sunshine (and a few clouds) and spent two hours in my garden. This time of year I know I need to get out and clean up the cold, damp, moldy leftovers of leaves that remain under my beautiful shrubs and roses. I spent time pruning the roses, and all the while I had visions of how GLORIOUS they will be in just a couple of months. First out of the shoot will be my irises. I can't wait to do a garden series this year in my sketchbook. Who knows, maybe I'll paint some too. I love a beautiful flower. Okay....jeesh....can this get any more sappy...that is what this mug does to me!