Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Steps

On October friend and I ran a 5K for Diabetes. A 5K is only a little over 3 miles....but I wasn't able to run it all the way. I had run 3 miles several times before this run. I was so bummed not to have finished by running all the way. However I'm proud to say the two days later I was at it again and was able to do 3 miles on my own. It is now Nov. 2nd...only 4 weeks later and I have just finished running 5 miles this morning (see map below).
It is all about the baby steps
and learning to
leave emotion and negative thoughts at the door.
6 Years of working out consistently and flexibly with my friend at our pace to build up to...
September 2nd....start "Strive for Five"
October 12th....not completely run a 5 K
November 8th....ran 5.28 miles

So There!

baby steps...Baby Steps...BABY STEPS...BABY STEPS....!


I have done it!

I officially ran 5 miles this morning! I started at ZERO in September...and now at the beginning of November...I have made 5 miles with out stopping! It took me 65 minutes and I am very proud to announce my time!

Below is the route I took. I've been using a website Dale uses for his bike rides. It is cool you can map your routes and get the mileage.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hands, Head and Heart

If you use your hands, you're a craftsman.
If you use your head, you're an inventor.
If you use your hands, head and heart,
You're an Artist!

I had fun at my workshop at the Bonsack Gallery in Oakdale, CA.

A Barn Studio/Classroom/Gallery!

A view to remember from inside the barn.

Our day started out with a nice breakfast and coffee in the kitchen.
We then headed off to the barn/studio to work from 9 am - 5 pm.

"Everyday you have to discover something!"
a quote from our teacher,
Debbie Bonsack

Here are the materials I gathered to use in my practice of the techniques we were shown.

This was the beginning...I was playing..doesn't it look like play?
"My Acorn in the Forest"
"Love what you do, and don't expect anything from it!"
Debbie Bonsack
There were 7 students, one person didn't finish to have a critique.
The second day, my friend and I did a little historical site seeing.
This is the Knights Ferry Covered Bridge on the Stanislaus River.
The Knights Ferry covered bridge that now stands across Stanislaus River was not the first bridge or crossing constructed there.
Originally, the crossing had been a ferry built from an old whaling vessel by Dr. William Knight, and his partner James Vantine in 1848.
The ferry was said to have built to increase the business at their trading post, yet toll charges could run as high as $200 for a signal crossing.

Beautiful Day....
Fantastic Class....
Wonderful History....
Discover Something New!


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