Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Simply....Plein Aire in 20 Minutes

2010 Plan
I'm going to try to post on my blog more often, but less. I seem to have a pile up of things I want to post and then I keep waiting to post until I have enough...and then I run out of time.
So for plan is to post at will - freely - just one here and there. I'll start with this one since it has been sitting here waiting for me to add more to it.

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This is a bench at the San Jose Historical Park. We went on a Plein Aire day to this park and there was so much to pick from to paint. I just couldn't decide. It took up most of my time to settle down and then I really wanted to paint this bench...

I have a thing for benches??? (to be thought through later)

I sketched it out and it didn't look good in my was just too busy. So then I started on a Barn. It was okay, but I really wanted to do the bench. Just then my teacher, who is in our Plein Aire group strolled over to check on his students. Before he knew about my struggles...he pointed to this bench and said..."Hey Julie did you see this bench? You should paint this."

Well I started laughing! I told him of my struggles and said I had been trying to do the bench. He looked at my sketch and said, "You should do the bench, but SIMPLIFY!"


After that I got it. I simplified all the extra lines and blocked in the brown for the bench and popped in the highlights of the bench and VIOLA!

I had the bench nailed in 20 minutes with 1 1/2 hours of struggling before.