Sunday, July 29, 2007



Just for Fun....

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my process for these "Free Form" paintings I've done over the summer. I was working with Acrylics. I decided one day to just play. I had seen another student at WVC do something like this for a background. It looked so cool. Now I have made 9 paintings starting out like this.
These last two are not ready to post yet, but I thought I would share a bit of the mess...

Just for Fun!
Here is the last one I have completed, before the summer fun took away my time.
"Too Tulips"


Sunday Snuggles in Starbucks
This morning my dh and I walked to the local Starbucks which is about 1.5 miles away. This is a walk we do often. Today however we planned on sitting for a while to enjoy our morning coffee. I suggested that he bring his paper and then I could bring my sketchbook. That way he could be my decoy! Not really...that way I could sketch!
I love to sketch in my sketchbook. I'm not so comfortable sketching totally in public and especially not random people. However I think it is such a good practice to do it. I keep finding ways to get out there and sketch.
This dad and son where seated so cozily just behind my dh. I just HAD to try and capture them. So I asked my dh to scooch over a little so I could cleverly peak over his shoulder and watch and sketch the snugly moment. They were reading about service dogs. The little boy was so excited to listen. He was so cute with his Croqs on and all cuddled up in his dad's lap. He didn't sit as still as I needed, but I tried to work quickly to capture the moment.
First I used my pencil. It is easier for me to work with a pencil and then go over with my sharpie. I need to practice more to get the quick drawing directly with a pen still. I've learned from all the other times I've drawn people with a Sharpie that it can go wrong REAL quick with one false mark....I know, you are supposed to work with those mistakes, but I'm not always up for that.

Mid-Summer's Night Dreams

This is another entry from my Houseboat sketches. I turned this into an Artist Trading Card for the CMP. I printed it out on fabric and embellished it with beads. You can see it on my flickr site. This is more typical of what I like to do in my sketchbook. I'm up early by myself and can create from things that are happening in my life.
My ds was having very vivid dreams on the houseboat. He was jumping up and screaming to no one. He did this while we were sleeping on the top of the boat. After that night where we had to jump up and catch him near the edge with the sleeping bag around his feet....we decided he
(and I) were relegated to sleep below in the cabin.
He really wanted to sleep up top with everyone as usual, so I envisioned his dream in my sketchbook instead this year!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Painting on Location

Soda Springs

I took 3 hours of unscheduled time to sneak off and find a place to paint on our trip to Soda Springs. I don't know why it is so hard to do this, but when I'm with everyone else, I don't want to miss out on being with them, however, I want to paint. So I am happy for the fact that I did paint these past couple of vacations. This is a cabin I finally decided to paint in Soda Springs.
There are many factors that play into my decision of "Where to Paint"
  • Do I just LIKE the scene?
  • Where can I sit and spread my stuff?
  • Is someone going to wonder who that strange person is in their yard?
  • Shade is good.
  • Out of the way is relaxing.
  • Bathroom close by?
  • Oh what the heck....just sit down and paint already. I set a time for myself to be painting by, otherwise I may never find the "perfect" spot.

This was my "thumbnail" sketch (postcard size) of the cabin I did first to work out any issues. As you may notice there is a list under the painting.
This is a list of what I should not forget when one goes on location to paint.
  • bug spray (which I was truly thankful for)
  • pencil (which I had misplaced and had to dig one up in the car)
  • sharpie (don't leave home without it)
  • eraser (a must)
  • watercolors
  • paper towel (which I forgot but found a napkin in the car)
  • camera
  • chair
  • visor
  • paints
  • blanket
  • pliers (dam it - some of my paints lids were dried on)
  • poky thing (dam it - once I got the lid off the paint layer was dry and I needed to poke it with something)
  • brushes
  • paper

Soda Springs Cabin


Voila! I finally painted an 11" x 14" on location. I think I could take it to my Art Cottage with the photo and thumbnail sketch and spend some time and really make a nice painting.

House boating at Lake Trinity

I just love to play around in my sketchbook. I now have been doing that since 2003...four years. I really like having the snapshots of my life along with practice of my art.

Needless to say we had a sleepless night!

Really hard to capture kids inner tubing in a 1/2 inch area, and from memory.

Here is my second attempt on a vacation to paint on location. This time I decided to do a still life. I planned this day and time because I knew that there would be a lull in activity for me and the 8 out of 10 people on the boat would be gone for 4 hours.
I just love that coffee pot!
It represents camping, fishing, simpler times, quiet mornings!

There I am...all set up and ready to play!

"Coffee Pot"


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Field of Fancy #7/20

Field of Fancy
Acrylic (15 x 30)

Here are two little close ups of different parts of this painting.