Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Painting on Location

Soda Springs

I took 3 hours of unscheduled time to sneak off and find a place to paint on our trip to Soda Springs. I don't know why it is so hard to do this, but when I'm with everyone else, I don't want to miss out on being with them, however, I want to paint. So I am happy for the fact that I did paint these past couple of vacations. This is a cabin I finally decided to paint in Soda Springs.
There are many factors that play into my decision of "Where to Paint"
  • Do I just LIKE the scene?
  • Where can I sit and spread my stuff?
  • Is someone going to wonder who that strange person is in their yard?
  • Shade is good.
  • Out of the way is relaxing.
  • Bathroom close by?
  • Oh what the heck....just sit down and paint already. I set a time for myself to be painting by, otherwise I may never find the "perfect" spot.

This was my "thumbnail" sketch (postcard size) of the cabin I did first to work out any issues. As you may notice there is a list under the painting.
This is a list of what I should not forget when one goes on location to paint.
  • bug spray (which I was truly thankful for)
  • pencil (which I had misplaced and had to dig one up in the car)
  • sharpie (don't leave home without it)
  • eraser (a must)
  • watercolors
  • paper towel (which I forgot but found a napkin in the car)
  • camera
  • chair
  • visor
  • paints
  • blanket
  • pliers (dam it - some of my paints lids were dried on)
  • poky thing (dam it - once I got the lid off the paint layer was dry and I needed to poke it with something)
  • brushes
  • paper

Soda Springs Cabin


Voila! I finally painted an 11" x 14" on location. I think I could take it to my Art Cottage with the photo and thumbnail sketch and spend some time and really make a nice painting.

House boating at Lake Trinity

I just love to play around in my sketchbook. I now have been doing that since 2003...four years. I really like having the snapshots of my life along with practice of my art.

Needless to say we had a sleepless night!

Really hard to capture kids inner tubing in a 1/2 inch area, and from memory.

Here is my second attempt on a vacation to paint on location. This time I decided to do a still life. I planned this day and time because I knew that there would be a lull in activity for me and the 8 out of 10 people on the boat would be gone for 4 hours.
I just love that coffee pot!
It represents camping, fishing, simpler times, quiet mornings!

There I am...all set up and ready to play!

"Coffee Pot"