Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Annual PG ART RETREAT!

I'm a lucky girl friends came down to PG
with me for a few days to play art.
We had a great time
and did as much art as I could fit in.

Here are the things we did
sketching, still lifes, plein aire, watching an art dvd, plein aire painting, paint in the style of another artist, collage/circle text poetry,
eating, walking, talking, and a little shopping

as I said we had the BEST TIME!


We walked from PG to Monterey and stopped at 3 places along the way to sketch.

Working from real life is fun and difficult.
But with practice, and friends it is the best!

Sketching in a restaurant...when it is not too crowded.


We set up our own still life in the evening.
We were tired from the day,
but rejuvenated by dinner and
the chance to paint inside from a real life object.

"Sweet Peas and Tea"
9" x 12" oil

We hiked, sketched, went to an organic farm and sketched some more. and then headed to Carmel for dinner and browse through a few art galleries.

A Little Plein Aire Painting...

We tried painting in the style of another Artist

Here we are below with a couple of attempts to push ourselves to try something new.

Hangin' Out

PG Art Retreat
Artful Touches

See the world in a new light

Art, Family, Fun!....Pacific Grove Summer...2009

Lover's Point in the Sunshine

3 Plein Aire Paintings + 3 Still Lifes =
My Summer Art

Hiking and enjoying nature together

Taking Time to
the Small things
in Life!

...and the silly ones too....

Silly Boys!

Flower Market find....turns into..... art to enjoy at home!