Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My Word for the Year
The CMP prompt was to come up with a word for the year. Any word just pick one and post it and we will be doing different things with it. So far I've just decided on "Essence". I made a little jpeg picture and added the definition. I think for 2008 my goal is to make Art...Exercise...Family the essence of what I do. My thought is to make these things a permanent part of who I am, not an accidental existence. Okay, okay...I've been doing this for 2007....but it is a different mental choice to think of it as the ESSENCE of who I am. Here are a few things I've been working on lately....GINGERBREAD MOMENTS
(6" x 8 " Watercolor and Ink)
Poinsetta Pixie
(8" x 10" Watercolor and Ink)
(3" x 2" colored pencil, ink, water color)
The ATC for January is "Beginnings"...I chose to make two ATC's and since I have become a beginning knitter....I came up with these two ATCs.
(the second one is below)
Flower Bridge
(3' x 4' oil) in progress...
Hopefully it will progress as I see it in my head!
This is from a picture I took of the boys in Gilroy on the grounds of Goldsmith Seed company.

Flower Bridge - day 2

Nancy's Colorful Wineglasses....(sketchbook entry)


Cast on to new we go 2008!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Football Fun

Football Season is over for now but... one continues to lift weights, dream and play catch!

Here are a few footballs I did for a class assignment last year. I framed them and hung them in Anthony's room. The other day I noticed them again, and was so happy to think about my art work. It was a fun assignment where we had to take a simple object and draw it in 3 different styles, and the other 3 where to be in 3 different palettes. In the end, I was glad I had decided to pick something that I could enjoy hanging up.

(Tertiary Palette)


(Primary Palette)

(Black Gouache)

(Secondary Palette)

(Pen and Ink)

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's a Magical Season with many Gifts!


The season started out with a sketch I had made last year as I packed away our Christmas decorations. The snowman is from a cookie press I have and I just love. I decided to sketch it at the same time I listened to my favorite podcast, "Creative Mom Podcast", where Amy gave the prompt "Magic". It just fit my sketch perfectly. Well this year I decided to make this my Christmas card for 2007.

Family Holiday Activities

One thing my family insists on doing for the holidays is our family gingerbread house. This year my husband and saw a new idea, a "Gingerbread Train", in a gourmet food store in San Francisco. He said I can make you a pattern for that no problem. I liked the fact we were going to make one car for each of us to decorate for ourselves.

We have a secret we learned from our good friends that to make the house/train assemblage go faster....use hot glue. I know, I know, Glue? Well, that has been the best little secret to learn. You simply peel off the glue when you tear the house/train apart to eat - it really makes the process quick. You can see we found one night when we were all home and didn't have a lot of homework, sports, work or whatever to interrupt us.

I made the train

(actually two of them - one we gave away as a gift to our friends/neighbors see below)

a week earlier and saved the candy from Halloween, plus a little more -

and when the time was right we just had a fun time with a complete


We used the rarely if ever purchased Oreo cookies for the wheels...yummy.FERRARIO EXPRESS

We connected the trains by cutting small holes in the trains and inserting the red licorice.


Here is our neighbor's photos of their family sugar fest train decorations!They decided to take their train to a family dinner and it was the kid's activity!



Spent with Parents

(Check out the knitting on the bench!)



Getting Together with Friends

(Yes, I'm wearing the knitted hat I made for Anthony with a Christmas pin attached while playing Frisbee Golf...Fa la la la la)

Silly Boys with matching Jammies!

(skulls with Christmas hats on pants)


Twas The Night Before Christmas

...and we went to the Santa Clara Mission for Christmas Eve

Some were naughty...some were nice!


My Knitting Inspiration

Our stockings lovingly made by Grammy!

I want to knit like that!


A Gift in Progress
(The Chocolate Purse)
I'm wrapped this purse with the knitting needles still in.
I will be finishing it soon by adding the handles and felting it.

Cross Country Skiing on the first day of 2008!

Fun...Gorgeous Scenery....Exercise...Friendly Chatting...what a perfect way to bring in the new year!

I have been packing away our decorations for this year and decided to sketch another favorite. This little snowlady, who spent the holiday season decorating my outside table, was SPEAKING to me. It tied in again with the "Creative Mom Podcast" prompt for December - "GIFT". I saw this little snowlady just offering me a special gift.

She told me to stop and take a moment to reflect on the many gifts I've received this Magical Season. As you can see from my collage of photos above, I'm a wealthy woman with many gifts to be thankful for...





My Gifts