Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My Word for the Year
The CMP prompt was to come up with a word for the year. Any word just pick one and post it and we will be doing different things with it. So far I've just decided on "Essence". I made a little jpeg picture and added the definition. I think for 2008 my goal is to make Art...Exercise...Family the essence of what I do. My thought is to make these things a permanent part of who I am, not an accidental existence. Okay, okay...I've been doing this for 2007....but it is a different mental choice to think of it as the ESSENCE of who I am. Here are a few things I've been working on lately....GINGERBREAD MOMENTS
(6" x 8 " Watercolor and Ink)
Poinsetta Pixie
(8" x 10" Watercolor and Ink)
(3" x 2" colored pencil, ink, water color)
The ATC for January is "Beginnings"...I chose to make two ATC's and since I have become a beginning knitter....I came up with these two ATCs.
(the second one is below)
Flower Bridge
(3' x 4' oil) in progress...
Hopefully it will progress as I see it in my head!
This is from a picture I took of the boys in Gilroy on the grounds of Goldsmith Seed company.

Flower Bridge - day 2

Nancy's Colorful Wineglasses....(sketchbook entry)


Cast on to new we go 2008!