Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Steps

On October friend and I ran a 5K for Diabetes. A 5K is only a little over 3 miles....but I wasn't able to run it all the way. I had run 3 miles several times before this run. I was so bummed not to have finished by running all the way. However I'm proud to say the two days later I was at it again and was able to do 3 miles on my own. It is now Nov. 2nd...only 4 weeks later and I have just finished running 5 miles this morning (see map below).
It is all about the baby steps
and learning to
leave emotion and negative thoughts at the door.
6 Years of working out consistently and flexibly with my friend at our pace to build up to...
September 2nd....start "Strive for Five"
October 12th....not completely run a 5 K
November 8th....ran 5.28 miles

So There!

baby steps...Baby Steps...BABY STEPS...BABY STEPS....!