Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Weekend in Color

Beginning Painting

Assignment #1

Color Study

Well besides having a 24 hour birthday party for my 13 year old son and his 5 friends this weekend, I managed to work on some art projects as well. I was able to complete the assignment given to us from beginning painting. We were to do 3 paintings from a still life the teacher set up in class, but it was not supposed to be recognizable objects - a bit more abstract or close in view.

  1. The first was to be color and volume (that is the orange and blue). I used varying shade of color to create volume in the electrical cord.

  2. The second was to be flat colors but use colors to create space. (the green and raspberry). Hopefully you can see that the space is caused by the lighter colors make the cords come forward in the painting.

  3. Finally the third painting (yellow and violet) was to have color and texture. This is harder to see in this photo. The texture is on the cords itself with thicker paint in c-strokes, and also in the lines created on the plug.

We'll just have to see what she thinks tomorrow....I'll let you know if I did it correctly or not.

Happy Birthday dear Nick!

(Is this enough color for yah?)