Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just a Few of My First Original Paintings

Walking Together - 2001

This has to be my first original oil painting I did all by myself. I had started oil painting classes, but had decided to do this from a photograph of my husband and our nephew. I remember having fun painting this and was pleased with the likeness of the people I painted to the real ones!

Pumpkin Farm - 2001

This is the second painting I had done on location. The barn is a bit wobbly, but I'm still pleased with the result. I don't think I have a picture of my first outdoor painting, but I had done a piece from the Carmel Mission.

Camellia - 2003

It's funny at the time I didn't like how the flower turned out. It wasn't the right color I was going for. Now that I look back, it doesn't bother me any more. I like the composition and the leaves just as much.

Scott - 2004

This is my friend's son. He has been so exciting to watch him as he has developed in music...I'm glad I decided to capture him at this time, just before High School. This was my first "portrait" from a picture. I had fun and was pleased with the skin tone, the saxophone and the background. Never quite got the nose right.

2004 - Jazz Collage

My attempt at making a collage type of painting. It was harder than I thought, but at the time I didn't plan it out like I would probably do now and decide on colors before hand and design and space. However, I was always pleased with the keyboard.

It is fun to look back and see some of my originals from the beginning together. I have done a lot of copying other people's paintings. It really was a great way to learn the skills and techniques of the medium you are working in and feel like you have been successful by making something that looks good. Once I moved to making my own compositions, I realized I had a lot to learn still. My art work looked a little like I was back in 6Th grade. However, I liked the challenge and now I'm progressing a little each time I focus on my art.