Saturday, February 17, 2007


Art and exercise have become two of my new focuses in the past couple of years. One I crave and the other I need. One I have not really liked in the past and one I always have enjoyed working at. However now that the two have come together for me the lines of liking and craving are starting to overlap.

I'm starting to enjoy exercise for the first time. Yes, it is true, hard to believe I know. However I've finally started to realize I have to mix up the exercise with a variety of ways and people that I do it with. I'm the first to admit I am a social exerciser! In a typical week for me I walk at least an hour one or two times a week. Usually with a good friend and we get a lot covered by sharing our lives and sharing in the time it takes to exercise. Once a week I work out at the gym with my friend where we work with a personal trainer. We do a Tandem Session where he kicks both our buts at the same time. I actually said the other day as I was laughing at myself, "This is fun!" Those are words I never thought I'd hear from myself about exercise. Once a week Dale and I have been working out together at either the gym or Saratoga High School's track. We run for 20 minutes (all I can handle at one time...he does zig zags behind me to get more time in), then 20 minutes of running the stairs on the bleachers (he does two up downs to my one), and finally we end with sprints or bleacher push ups for me. And when I'm really good, I go by myself to the gym and get my required time for 35 minutes of high intensity cardio work out.

Well why did I combine this with art? Good question, I like art. I have fun at it and always WANT to be doing some art. The problem is....I don't always devote my time to it. Things and life gets in the way. So I'm always saying, "Oooh, I wish I could take some time to go out in the art cottage and paint. I wish I could go out and sketch. I wish, I wish, I wish." What is up with that? I go to school for art two days a week, I have a student who comes over once a week, and I have been pretty productive for the past 6 years while being a major participant in my kid's life. Isn't that enough? I guess it is never enough and I like to create on a daily basis. So this is where I feel it is connected to exercise.

Art and Exercise....thoughts by Julie

You have to take time to practice both of these to get any better!

If you stop making it a daily part of your life, you get sloppy!

The more you work at it the more you want to accomplish!

I have to create time for each on a daily basis....