Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day Two - Interior Space Art Cottage

This time I worked on finishing up covering the canvas in the base colors I was going to use. I also am looking at the color choices I've made, and the accuracy of the drawing. I'm thinking about the lighting and shadows as well. I'm having a lot of fun for sure! My teacher told me to go and look up Matisse's Red Studio( for a comparison of how he painted his art studio. I was able to go online at the college library right then. I'm liking the rectangular shape that repeats throughout the painting. I'm trying to keep a balance on the colors as well. I'll be deciding on what is the focal point as I go along...not sure if it is the painting on the easel or my view of the garden? I will be putting more artwork on the walls, once I'm happy with the background. So far so fun!