Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Garden Within

"Garden Within" is going to be the title of this painting. This was after the third day of working on it. I finished it enough to take it into my class for the intermediate class evaluation, as well as bringing in my color studies for the beginner level. I'm pleased with the results. I think there is still more I could do to bring it a little more life. But I'm going to stop for now.

In my "Car Thoughts" sketchbook I jotted down some thoughts I had about this painting. This sketchbook is something I pull out when I have just a little time with nothing to do and am waiting for one of the boys to be done with their activity...usually 15 minutes or less to jot down an idea or sketch, is what spewed out of my head:


There is a garden within my painting.

There is a garden within the painting's painting.

There is a garden within my life - a bouquet of friends.

There is a garden within me for art. I'm in the winter transitioning to Spring in my garden. It's"February" now, and the tilling and weeding will pay off in the spring and summer with blooms of beautiful flowers of art. But if I don't get out and work in my garden, it may not bloom as well.

Life is like a garden. You must plan it, work the soil, plant it, give it nutrients (the better the nutrients - the better the bloom),

*and then I ran out of time and my thoughts are still propagating in my mind!