Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm Still Working...

Okay I've been busy working on this assignment. After day 2 I didn't like the size of the couch in the picture. So my teacher suggested I use tracing paper and play around with some ideas on what to do. Here is a shot of the tracing paper...and I'm waiting for ideas as I take this picture.

Next I took some photos of me in a mock position for the picture. It helped some, but still needs more tweeking on the shape of the now "chair" instead of couch. I've started the background. I decided to use some of Mary Cassatts background, combined with my flowers, colors and trees.

Here I've fixed the chair shape and vase shape and then I started in on the faces. It didn't seem too bad until I stepped back and realized that Anthony looks like he was asleep and I'm the only one reading the book. :(
My quick start to a pastel. I see the same thing happening with Anthony's position. The funny thing is when I took it to class for the evaluation, one other student helped me out by taking my original photo (which measures 2" x 3") home with her. The next day she brought back for me an enlarged copy of the photo. DUHHHH....I couldn't see Anthony's eyes in such a small photo. You can see in the enlarged photo that his eyes are OPEN...just slightly though. I'm going to keep working on both the pastel and acrylic and see if I can't fix it to where I like it at least a little better.