Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hawaiin Art

We had a super time in Hawaii/Maui!

I think every time we go I have been inspired to paint something.

What is it about Hawaii...?


Bright Colors

Warm Breezes

Spectacular Flowers



Tropical Drinks

I've wanted to do something with this colorful magazine picture I cut out a few years ago.

It was of two bright and colorful margaritas.

After I got back from Hawaii this year I decided to just paint it.

Margarita Magic

8" x 12" acrylic

This Mai Tai painting was from a photo of a Mai Tai drink we had in Hawaii last year.

I have sketched this photo before in watercolor,

but this time I did another acrylic

to compliment

my Margarita painting.

Mai Tai Time

6" x 8" acrylic

The beautiful landscape surrounding the Lavender Farm in Maui.

I just couldn't resist sketching it out in my watercolor journal while I was in Maui.

It was such a beautiful area.

I really enjoyed stopping by the farm.

Their was something old fashioned about this building

where we stopped by to get some lunch.

I love the tree next to it as well.

So here I did a second sketch.

Just a fun shot while we were on our hike.
The boys coming through the tunnel.

I couldn't resist this beautiful plumeria flower
I found on our morning beach walk headed to breakfast.
The back side of the flower looked as if pink stripes had been painted on.

I will be painting something from my photos I took in the restaurant.


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