Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AAAHHHH....Driven to Abstraction

My First Two Abstract Paintings...
for FreshBrain...pretty easily accomplished and without much fuss and I was pleased. They are now hanging in the office. When FreshBrain moved into their new office, there were two terrible photo images of paintings left on the wall. They weren't even on real canvas...jus paper stretched on a frame. I took them home and had at them. I figured it didn't matter really what I did with them, they were not for FreshBrain. I planned out a simple sketch of what I wanted to do and they came out relatively the same as my sketch - with a few extra embellishments.
FreshBrain #1 and #2
16" x 20"
Then I decided to take a little workshop on the basics of abstracts. We went over various composotions you may recognize.
I sketched out a couple of ideas and decided to try to have a tropical pallette.... just didn't come out easily this time.
You can see that I reworked the darn thing multiple times
until I finally was "OK" with what was on the canvas...I called it "Cosmic Waves".

Above is try #1 at the class
Below is try #2 at the class

I took it home and worked on it over and over until I got to this point below. I took it outside and decided to add spontaneous splashing to it.

Then I added more paint with a pallette knife.....below
And...after many more hours I came up with....

16" x 20"

I wasn't done playing...
so I attempted another one
and this time started off with just some tropical colors....
to see what would happen.

After 6 hours into it I came up with ...

16" x 20"

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