Saturday, June 2, 2007

Art Show

I've Learned So Much
I'm still finding my voice
It is hard to price your work
I need a body of work
Standardize my work sizes
I found a printer to work with
I had slides and professional photos of some of my work
I made a spreadsheet for my art work
I brought more to this show than the last one
Once a year is the right amount for me
I have a lot of wonderful friends
My boys are my fans
I have a great husband
I'm a lucky girl

Thanks to my friends for supporting me and coming out to visit. It was a lot of fun to have you all come by. This was a lot of work to get together, yet I feel it is important to at least once a year step back and see what you have done. I feel you have to put yourself out there to grow. My teachers came by as well and were supportive of my efforts too. Just a sampling of my work I have now. I brought 11 paintings and 30 notecards to the show.

My preshow mess!