Friday, April 6, 2007

My Color Design Class

This is a summary thus far of what we've been doing in my other class, called "Color Design".We started out exploring the medium we were going to work in - Gouache. This is like watercolors except that you can get an opaque quality to it. Here is only one of the assignments we did in this exploration stage. This is a color spiral using all the 18 colors in our Gouache set.
We were to not repeat any colors. He wanted to see all the greys and browns we could produce. It was tedious at first, but a cool finish in the end. I gained experience in mixing these Gouache paints and seeing the range of colors I could get.
"Meadowlake Way"
Our home in Colorado

1. Seasonal Plate Series: Monochromatic House

The main assignments in this class are going to be this series of "plate" paintings. We will do 5 paintings. This first one is a Monochromatic (one color) depiction of a house. We were required to have the following items, and have references to work from.

  1. One color choice (I picked Burnt Sienna) and blend it with grey, white and black for the monochromatic effect.
  2. House
  3. Mountains in distance
  4. Trees
  5. Garden
  6. Path

2. Seasonal Plate Series: Winter House
  1. House from a new point of view
  2. Primary colors of Red, Yellow, Blue and Green had to be included somehow
  3. NO BLUE SNOW - only earthy tones with whites.
  4. Snowman, icicles, holiday lights
  5. Garden and path
  6. Distant mountains with not a blue sky...

(Winter House)
3. Seasonal Plate Series: Spring House
(day one initial drawing)
  1. New point of view of house
  2. Color scheme must include pastel colors of pink, green, yellow and blue
  3. Three types of flowers included
  4. Distant mountains with blue sky and clouds
  5. Garden, path included

(Spring House: In Progress)