Monday, September 23, 2013

Tulips To Try!


by Julie Ferrario

It's time to get back to a style of painting I had started a few years ago.  
My husband sent these tulips to me just because he was gone for a week on business.  
They were a surprise filled with love and brought me much joy!

I can't think of a better way to start a new painting in a style I haven't done for a while than with a subject matter that brought me such nice emotions.  
So here goes.

 First I start by deciding on the background colors.
I want the colors to be pleasing to look at & compliment the subject.
I head outside and start splashing around.  
I try to leave areas of lightness and darkness based on what I'm planning to do.
It can take several layers of outside painting until I'm satisfied.

 And then the drawing and planning begins over the top of the canvas...
It helps me to work out the design and values.

 At my work station I have the sketch and photos available for reference.  
I begin the painting....carefully plotting out which leaf goes in front of which other leaf or flower.
I want to keep the background as much untouched as possible.  
This leads me to paint loosely as well.

 Once I get the first pass done, I step back in several ways to see if 
I like what I have done,
if it needs more or less of anything,
and to just look at it with fresh eyes.

Over the stove...

from 180 degrees sideways...
I take photos and look at it through my camera...
or on a wall somewhere.... 
I then add final details and make final fixes .

for the final touches

 I cover off areas I don't want hit by the splattering effect.
This is my highlighted area....focusing on the two tulips in white...since I've come up with the name while I'm painting...

"Just the Two of Us"
Since these flowers were given to me from my husband who is my best friend, 
partner in life, and high school sweetheart.  
Now that the children are off to college and their own is
Just the Two of US...again!

 Add in my Signature....J. Ferrario

 Thanks for the flowers!

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