Saturday, September 5, 2009

Letting Your Light Shine Through!


I have painted a
a series of still lifes
directly from life
(not from a photo)
I've been reading "ALLA PRIMA" by Richard Schmid...
(see below)
it has so much to offer - a great overall painting book.

Best Seller ALLA PRIMA
Everything I Know About Painting

A standard in classical art education.

Fifteen years in preparation, this must have book offers to painters the wisdom and technical savvy of a lifetime. Writing as an acknowledged master, Richard Schmid leads his reader gracefully through the fundamentals and subtleties of painting technique with refreshing clarity, authority and deep affection to all who strive for self-expression, regardless of their level of skill. Soon to be in its tenth printing, it is treasured by artists worldwide.


8" x 10" oil
"Heritage" was inspired by our son's soccer coach and his wife.
We invited them over to dinner
to thank them for all their time, efforts and POSITIVE coaching!
...they brought the wine.
They make their own wine with other family members in honor of their families "Heritage". I just loved the wine bottles and after we had properly enjoyed them, I saved them. Hoping that I would paint them some day.....well 2 months later I decided to do a little..."Alla Prima" and paint them directly from life along with a spray of "Flutterby" roses from my garden.

Letting Your Light Shine Through
Our family is thankful for John and Lynn
and letting their positive light shine through
touching our lives with their warmth.

"IttyBitty Cherry" "IttyBitty Cork"

I call these "IttyBitties" because they are only 1.5" x 2" and are so fun to paint. I had some left over paint on my palette and while I was working with a student decided to do a little more "Alla Prima" painting and let the light shine through two IttyBitty subjects that I had and also enjoy.

"Mom's Tomatoes"
6" x 8" oil

Inspired by my mom's love for our family
Happy birthday from one mom to the another!

Letting Your Light Shine Through!