Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In the HEAT of Summer: Part Two Plein Aire "PLAYING"

Besides taking a class at college, I tried to put my birthday present (a new plien aire easel) to use this summer. These pictures are backwards in time, but I started in late May at Point Pinos in Monterey and the last location is here at home at Vasona Lake. It is my intention to keep working at capturing a painting quickly on location. Vasona Lake

I did two plien aire just about 3 hours. ---------------------------------------
Donner Lake
Oil 9"x12"

Yes...the smoke was here too!
We were out in the California Fires for our two weeks of vacation!
And I still painted in "plein aire"...cough...cough

This was after about an hour.


Lake Trinity

"Di Ja Voux" Houseboat
Our trip was cut short due to the fires.

"View from SawMill"

Oil 6"x8"

Dale made me a drying rack...last minute...but it worked out great. You can't just let oil paintings sit around a houseboat with 12 people and a dog!
"Di Ja Voux"
Oil 6" x 8"
while Nick was chopping up the waters on a jet ski!

Point Pinos Lighthouse

After one hour....

The other three little paintings were just playing with what paint I had left on my palette.