Thursday, April 3, 2008

Attempting Plein Aire

Each time I try to paint oils outside, I realize how humbling and invigorating the process is. My friend has been willing to go on outings with me now and it has been terrific having a cohort. We went up to her property and hung out on a GLORIOUS SPRING day. While we were there, we took the leap and tried our hand at oil painting. We decided to go easy and do 6" x 9" panels and try some lessons from a book.

We set a time of one hour per painting so we would accomplish two "lesson" paintings.
Our first painting was to be monochromatic.
Then we did the same view and tried in living colors. Thanks to my Art Friend....
for having the time and enthusiasm to get outside and Paint!
This was her first oil painting outdoors and as you can see, she did great.