Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumnal Equinox Sketchcrawl

We'll find any excuse to go out and paint.

This time I was able to have a few friends join me. We went back to Los Gatos since it is close, and so much to see. It was a chilly day, but no rain. Very befitting for the first day of Fall. Here are a few shots from the day.

Technology Update:
My camera battery was out when I got on location. Arghhh...so I thought I wouldn't be able to capture and document the day. However my friend suddenly remembered we all had cell phones and we all had cameras on them. DUH...we could use our cell phones cameras! Hurray! It has taken me two days to figure out how to get the pictures from my cell phone to the computer...I know I know - easy right? Well not for me. But long story short - I did it. So the pictures of the day were from my cell - even the short video I took.

Farmer's Market every Sunday come rain or shine!

Lots of people passing by...just loved the things you notice while sketching. The Twin boys were so fun to watch. They were bouncing and jumping around. I didn't realize they were getting excited about trying a slice of a peach from the market stand.

Quaint Homes just a block away.

Here is what I did on location. I will be working on it and post it when completed.

Lunch Break...

Sketching the Bread Basket

I captured the moment on my cell phone...

and here I was playing with my "frames" that were on my phone.

They are unaware of my devious camera taking action!

I decided to sketch my friend sketching the planter...

Again what I did on location.
Now with a little color at home.
Ha! I even took a video with my phone and have it documented for the record.

Again...she has no idea I'm recording her.

I was done and she just wanted to get the last bit of color on her leaves.

I don't know how to add music as a background yet, that we'll be something else to learn soon.