Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Official...I'm a DIT!

DIT stands not for Ditzy
...however there are those days really stands for

Docent In Training

Yesterday, 2007.08.29, was the first day of my docent training for the de Saisset museum on the campus of Santa Clara University.

I had such a great time. This first training key point was...

What is a Museum?

Karen, the Assistent Director for Exhibitions, Education, and Community Outreach
explained museums as three-fold including

(storing and preserving artifacts)

(showing both permanent and traveling collections)

Education Interpretations
(all the interactive aspects such as tours, docents, activities, community outreach)

We went on a behind the scenes tour of the museum.

Do you know what a "Preparator" is?
Well I met one named Ernest.
("One who prepares specimens or exhibits for scientific study or display, as in a museum.")
This person's job entails everything included in setting up displays for the exhibits,
from installing the art work, painting the walls to security displays to building platforms.

Jean, the Collections Manger, showed us around her work area. They have moving walls and racks where all the artifacts are stored. She is concerned with everything from pests, temperature, earthquakes, fires, loaning out materials and organization.

I have homework to get to for next week the book, "The Ohlone Way", and chapters 1 and 2 of "Telling the Santa Clara Story"

The tour we give will include the Santa Clara Mission located on the campus. It is all about ART-HISTORY-KIDS

Next week....a history tour of the campus and learn about the Archeology Lab!